The Felisians

Branding and package for a short movie, "The Felisians, and the murders at the Bar Noar", broadcasted on Channel 10 News, Israel. A story about the murders In Tel Aviv, at The Gay Bar Noar (meeting place for struggling young homosexuals) on the night of August 1st, 2009, alongside interviews and investigation recordings of the murder suspect's family.

My work included branding the visual look along the movie,typographical logo, opening sequence, crime scene photo fly-through, online chat transcript, investigation transcripts with 3D window, investigation transcripts and audio evidence transcript, responses from the police and the court, supers (on screen headlines) and promotional graphics for social network (Instagram, Facebook etc.).

* The clips themselves are on the bottom of this page


Some of the clips


The process included research, references, achieving a rich but unified and precise
visual language to build this system, in addition to guiding the 3D artist.

General Looks


From right To left and then down: Opening Sequence, Crime Scene Photo Fly-through, Online Chat Transcript, Investigation Transcripts with 3D window, Investigation Transcripts and Audio Evidence Transcript

Design and Animation: Yair Walden
–°reative Director: Ido Blaiberg
for "Channel 10 news company"


The full documentary can be viewed HERE