Dalia Kornblit

Made in collaboration with "Yad Vashem" ,the Jewish Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Authority.

"I'm Sitting on a chair and building a small circus on the table, give me a kiss, I want you to be healthy and happy". This quote is from a letter that a 5-year-old girl wrote to her cousin during the Holocaust. 

The small Jewish girl survived the Holocaust while staying with Christian friends of her family, probably without knowing who is her real mother. she wrote to her cousin frequently, but only after the war when she and her mother were reunited again, she realized she was actually writing to her mother all that time. This story is her survival story, with the loss of her identity for the chance to survive the war.
Inspired by her letters, I chose to show her story from a little girl's naive point of view. as she experienced the Holocaust in a unique way.

*** Used By Israel's Channel 10 In their Holocaust Day Broadcast on National Television ***