Cinema City ReUX

Made a nice wireframe mockup for improving the user experience in "Movie Venue" apps.

This was my first UX project, in my UXV certificarion course. Did it with two friends - Omri and Nimrod. Working in a team was fun and highly educating.



The App and Mobile websites we've used (and unfroutunattly still do) are suffering from major problems with 'ease of use' and general flow. In addition some innovation is long overdue for these kind of apps.

The old design is hard for navigation. It's 'look&feel' is not helping either.

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The team: Omri, Nimrod and I, debating and sketching.


In order to reinvent some of the proccess and improve the rest - we sat down and started from scratch. sending Questionnaires to establish 'Personas', understanding their needs and all the time aiming for an easy but innovative flow.




Improving the speed and ease
of ordering a movie ticket.


Making the checkout
efficient and cool


Simplifying the
seating arrangement



Easy Flow


Starting as a sorted gallery, the proccess of finding your desired movie got a lot quicker and easier.

Gallery is filtered by genere and sorted by categories.

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Faster Payment


The long checkout was mentioned in most of our questionnaires. We've added a quick autofill of the credit card info (via mobile camera), to save the time, AND an option to split the bill between friends - which helps for large orders.



Pick A Seat


Simplifying The seating arrangement! This was by far the hardest task to achieve on mobile. I must say i've never seen a good one that actually allows you to pick seats with mobile.

To be extra useful you can see your seating in relation to the screen.

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The (partially working) mockup is made with InVision,
It's in Hebrew but you get the gist 🙂